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J Edwards ~ A Grizzly Bear that sings! Somewhere between country-rock and blues byway of Nashville

March 20 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The story doesn’t make the artist or the songwriter. If it were so, how could they communicate the happenings in others lives they haven’t lived? My story is… I write and sing songs that some people like and some don’t. I’m just like any other “Average Guy” in the aspect that we all have something we are pretty good at that is not apparent in our styles, our speaking or the clothes we wear. I’m older and more comfortable with what it is that I do. I have a pretty large catalog of original songs that I actually sing at my shows.
It’s my opinion that if folks need to know your dog’s name from when you were 10, they are not really listening to your music anyway. If one of my songs talks about where my father was born and raised I will tell you and explain its relevance to the song. I’ve never had anyone walk up to me and say “I can’t relate to that song until I know more about your life story”. I have had people tell me that our experiences may be very different, but that particular song hit them in the heart. That’s what I do. I write and sing songs for you to get your feelings and words out. By the way, the dog’s name was Spotty, in case that was just killing you.


March 20
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm