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Explosion 1: Pre-game  Special



Whiskey Island




Great Lakes Brew B-Q

with our

Thank You Thank YOU very much


Home of The
Labatts and Labatts Lite-the BIG BOYS - 16oz-Yea just 2 bucks too!
FireBalls are just $4  & so are  shots of Jameson.
Where everything is homemade Fresh and down right delicious!
1/2 Slab of Ribs with hand cut Fries and a Salad - JUST $9.99 (HH)
The BEST Homemade barbeque sauce- It's Sweet-Smokey-Spicy!!!
We pride ourselves on having the
Best Service
Best Food
at The Best Price in the neighborhood
+ Awesome Music! = Home of over 90-Grammy Winners!
So see us before during and after the tribe games.
In the Historic Caxton building just north of the stadium off Bolivar and east 9th;
WILBERTS-Bringing you over 120 years of Miller Hospitality to Cleveland!


Wilbert's Food & Music
812 Huron Avenue E.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115


All shows are all ages. 

Start @ 8:00 p.m.

unless otherwise noted, with doors 2 hours before show

time. Dinner reservations are suggested. You can make

them by calling or texting me

@ Text>


If you leave a message make sure you leave your phone #, and we'll call you back with a reservation conformation, or better yet,-you can e-mail

us at


Dinner reservations must be made for at least an hour or more before show time. By 7pm week days and 8pm week ends

Thanks MM!

A website helping fans of concerts and events find hotels close to the
venues →



EVAN (my oldest son) AND GATEMOUTH!

Great Place for

a Party!

We'll cater to all your wants & needs!

Special Menus,

Open Bar/Cash Bar

Holiday & Cocktail Parties,

Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners, Wakes & Weddings, Retirements, Farewells, Etc…… We've done themAll Such as...

(Jane Scott's 75 B-Party!)

Mike Millers

Cell # 216.375.5966

e-mail wilberts812@sbcglobal.net

Delta Zeta Formal →

Thank you so much for all

of your services on

Saturday night. Everyone

had a blast and said the

food was amazing!! This

was the perfect place to

have our fall formal. Everything you have done

is greatly appreciated. Hopefully we can hold another event there soon.

I will definitely keep in

touch with you




Dirty Bastard



Look: dark ruby brown
Smell: heavy, chocolate/espresso, heavier fruits, malty
Taste: intense woody, smokey, chocolate/espresso, heavy malt flavor
Aftertaste: stays with you, this will definitely put hair on your chest!


A malty beer with a notable toasty flavor derived from lightly roasted malt. Slight fruit and hop accents add to the overall complexity. Available Mid-January to late March


Shiner Wicked Ram IPA

Wow!!! The 'biting' yet 'bready' flavor is very unique in my perspective, and not something typically seen but something GREATLY appreciated nonetheless. Yes!!! this is an 'IPA's' IPA, with plenty of hops and real things to appreciate here. People who have noticed the 'skunkiness' of other West Coast IPAs wil ADORE this!!!!!! Even if you are new or a slight beginner to IPAs (say, you have seen Lagunitas or the like) you will absolutely enjoy this as well!!

I MUST say, the brewing is simply fantastic. One of a kind and I believe they are on to something! The 'cold-filtered' effect, yet still STRONG presence of complex flavors leads me to astonish as to whether they will continue making these incredible beers! HIGHLY under-rated in my opinion! If these are nearby, do yourself a favor - get these,, a bunch of COLD beer glasses, PERHAPS ice (otherwise, don't be afraid to let the beer CHILL first...) and have a PARTY!!!! These are awesome - SOOOO ENJOYABLE and genuinely could not be more recommended and preferred!

It's Back!


SMELL: Strong odors of artificial lemonade are slightly offset by mild wheat aromas along with subtle scents of honey and spicy hops.
3 out of 5
TASTE: The palate is instantly violated at first sip by strong flavors of bittersweet, artificial lemonade. The bitterness is immediately bolstered as mild flavors of stale cracker strike the taste buds. Mild flavors of wheat and grass attempt to rectify the initial failure, but fail to do so. Not even the trailing of the mild spicy hop and subtle honey flavors can ameliorate the overpowering bitterness.
2.5 out of 5
NOTE: What smelled mediocre, proceeded to taste displeasing. The bitterness from the lemonade and grain profile was too much to bear. This was not a terrible beer as I would prefer this over Bud Light any day, but this certainly made my foul beer list.


Thirsty Dog Hoppus Maximus

L: Pours brilliant amber under a 2” fluffy white foam collar that recedes to a thick, sticky film. S: Grassy hop nose, light grains, T: Starts with rich malt flavors, more grains than biscuit or bread – almost a little uncooked, then there is a touch of light fruit – juicy – and then a grassy floral hop kicks in to round out the flavor and to bring it on home. F: Medium to medium light body, medium carbonation O: A full flavored amber ale.


Market Garden Prosperity Wheat

This wheat beer does it all nicely. It starts a little cloudy with little fizz and a nice pale yellow color. The aroma is strong with wheat malts, yeast and finishing hops. The taste is a nice, slightly off balance, and hoppy. A hefeweizen that makes no attempt at being subtle. This is another exceptional brew from Market Garden. Sweet. Highly recommended

Bell's Winter White Ale

Fermented with a Belgian ale yeast, this blend of barley & wheat malts yields a mixture of clove and fruity aromas, all without the use of any spices. Deliberately brewed to retain a cloudy appearance.


Stella Artois Cidre

Crisp and refreshing belgian cider made with hand-picked apples


Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale

This beer's name sums up the idea of bringing the best together to celebrate. It is filled with seasonal flavors from generous amounts of toasted and caramel malts, mixed with equally generous amounts of honey, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. We feel it is the perfect libation, filled with flavors of the season.

Great Lakes Ohio City Oatmeal Stout

Poured a black color with a large frothy brown head that mostly lasted with good lacing. Moderate toasted chocolate and coffee aroma. Medium body with a smooth texture and flat carbonation. Medium roasted bittersweet flavor with a medium bittersweet finish of moderate duration. Good thing~ you'll want to drink more than one!


Brew Kettle "All For One" Session IPA

This is a very solid session IPA. Citrusy and tropical with lean malts means big hop flavor dominates. It begs you to drink another and another. Yes please. I'm happy to oblige.



Lager Head

Relaxer IPA

Pours a pale gold with a finger of white head that settles into a film and some trailing lace. Surprisingly herbal, fresh hop nose, kind of dank, with citrus, florals, and pale and bready malts. Flavor is more of the same, but not as pungent. Light-bodied, with medium carbonation and a clean, dry, bitter mouthfeel. Good session IPA

Brew Kettle

Big Woody Lager      

Sweet smelling with a sweet and bitter flavor with alcohol notes present but didn't really affect the flavor. It is really full of taste and sort of reminds me of Breyers Ice Cream-just the raw materials with no extras. This is really an exceptional lager

Fat Head's Bumble Berry

A - Poured a nice crystal clear golden hue with a nice one finger white head that faded to leave a thick halo and light wisping. Solid retention.

S - Ohhhh yah. Blueberry explosion. Fresh berries and light skin notes. There is some faint grain aroma along with some very faint honey aroma. Loving how blueberry forward this is.

T - A tad too much honey for me that overshines the natural sweetness and deliciousness of blueberries. Blueberries are nice, fresh tasting. Almost dessert like. I get some faint malts and super, super light earthy/grassy hops. Mighty tasty.

M - Mouthfeel is great, not over carbonated, not too sweet. I can definitely see gulping this back on a hot summer day.

O - Overall this was a mighty tasty beer, definitely my favourite blueberry beer to date.


Young's Double Chocolate Stout

The taste is a mix of Hershey/milk

chocolate, roasted

grain, light bitter coffee roast, and vanilla



A classic. Mainly

roasted malt, with a

touch of cream and

milk to it



The paradox of our

time in history is that

we have taller

buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways,but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less.

We buy more, but

enjoy less.

We have bigger

houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less

sense, more

knowledge, but

less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more

medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much,

spend too recklessly, laugh too little,drive

too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much,

and pray too seldom.


have multiplied our possessions, but

reduced our values.

We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate

too often. We've

learned how to make a living, but not a life.

We've added years

to life not life to years.

We've been all the

way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor.

We conquered outer space but not inner space.

We've done larger

things, but not better things. We've cleaned

up the air, but polluted

the soul. We've conquered the atom,

but not our prejudice.

We write more, but

learn less. We plan

more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait.

We build more

computers to hold

more information, to produce more copies

than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These

are the days of two incomes but more

divorce, fancier

houses, but broken homes.

These are days of

quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway orality, one night

stands, overweight bodies, and pills that

do everything from

cheer, to quiet, to kill.

It is a time when there

is much in the

showroom window and nothing in the

stockroom. A time

when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you

can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit 'delete'.

Remember, spend

some time with your

loved ones, because

they are not going to

be around forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone, who looks up to you in awe, because that little

person soon will grow

up and leave your side. Remember, to give a warm hug to the one

next to you, because

that is the only

treasure you can give

with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember, to say,

"I love you" to your

partner and your loved ones, but most of all

mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from

deep inside of you.Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday

that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak and give time to share the

precious thoughts in

your mind.

A Message by

George Carlin


We're always  open

before all Indians/Cav's home Monsters, Gladiators  Games or ALL Gateway Events..........with


-Labatt blue,Budweise, .Bud

Light, Coors light MGD, Miller Lite,

Miller high life,Rolling

Rock, PBR

$3- Microbrews-

Michelob Ultra,

Bud Lime, Great Lakes


Blue Moon,

Samuel Adams

Cherry, Grape, Jagger, Orange Bombs $3

$6 Irish



Right On!

-Tell your Friends!


Get It ToGo!!!


"When I went to school, they askedme what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life."
John Lennon


We Got Jambalaya & Mardi Gras Bock

Monday Feruary 27


With The Best Specials DOWNTOWN!


$4 FireBalls & shots of LeBronJameson


1/2 Slab of Ribs & Fries + Salad = $9.99

Tuesday February 28


With The Best Specials DOWNTOWN!


$4 FireBalls & shots of LeBronJameson


1/2 Slab of Ribs & Fries + Salad = $9.99

Thursday March 2

Funk-Fusion + Jazz-Rock from Chicago


Rooted in funk with elements of rock and jazz, Spocket's tight-knit horn lines and rock solid rhythm section lay the foundation for guitar-driven arrangements that craftily meld a variety of genres without sacrificing the band's distinctive sound.  Steadily expanding their repertoire and fanbase since the group's inception, Spocket is staking their claim in the Midwest music scene with the 2015 release of their self-titled EP.  This cross section of the band's catalog showcases their maturing compositional dexterity and alludes to a level of heads-up musicianship beyond their years.  Fueled by a collective passion for performing live, Spocket plans to continue honing their craft and sharing their unique brand of funk-fusion.


Funk, Blues, Rock



Funk~Hip-Hop~R&B from CLE OH


Damn! A red hot hip-hop melting pot, Uptowne Buddha, is bound to move you. This dynamic and diverse 5-to-8-piece live instrument hip-hop group seamlessly crosses boundaries between the languages of neo-soul, hip-hop, the jam scene, and the emerging sounds of the future.

The band has released one full-length studio effort, entitled “Written”, and has been nearing the final stages of production for their full-length follow up. Past performances include the Werk Out Music & Arts Festival, the Glenville Community Festival, Cleveland Ingenuity Fest, Tribal Connection Music & Arts Festival, as well as several gigs in 100-400 capacity clubs around Ohio. The band also hosts a weekly open mic jam session at a community theater in Cleveland Heights.

8pm FREE/No Cover

Friday & Saturday March 3/4


musical showcase Folk Rock to Hip Hop. 6:30pm start


Monday March 6

Come Party like a WORLD CHAMPION!

With The Best Specials DOWNTOWN!


$4 FireBalls & shots of LeBronJameson


1/2 Slab of Ribs & Fries + Salad = $9.99

Live on Our Stage ~ FREE/No Cover

R&B and pop weaved into jazz-infused soul from Louisville, Kentucky

Zach Longoria Project

The Zach Longoria Project is an 11-member band from Louisville with an incredibly soulful vein.  With R&B seated at the core of their music, ZLP weaves elements of jazz and a touch of old-school this & that to create what they like to call “Kentucky Fried Soul”.  Their music has just the right amount of the south mingled in.

ZLP is a collaboration of musicians who are all in it for the love of music, and are driven by the passion of creating it.  They came together in 2013 in a town that is much smaller than it seems.  Zach had a vision early- to have a band that was made up of people who are good to each other and share the same set of values, musically and by virtue.  This group is a close-knit partnership of kindred spirits, and it shines through in the music they put forth.

In July 2014, ZLP released their self-titled EP.  They were also featured on WFPK, a Louisville radio station,  where they participated in the “Live Lunch” series.

The Zach Longoria Project has been working hard since July 2014 performing and writing music.  2015 was a great year, ZLP was able to perform the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati in June, which was a wonderful highlight.  2016 is a year that ZLP is really looking forward to; with the new album coming out, they have so much new music to share- so please be sure to check out upcoming shows.

ZLP has been working hard writing songs for the next album, 'Up Up & Away' which will be released in June.  The new single, Shelter hits the airwaves & can be purchased on April 6th!!  Up Up & Away coming out soon!


Wednesday March 8

"A tremendously gifted and talented group that is most certainly worthy of your listening time." - MusicBoxPete

indie-folk troubadours from Boston on their way to SXSW


"SBA~self-titled first EP debuted earlier this year, with five songs of forlorn, post-breakup folk full of the heartbreak and uncertainty that colored Sousa’s move to Massachusetts." - Scout Cambridge
"SBA~5 song EP establishes the male/female duo as somewhere between the wistful, major key acoustic pop of the Weepies and the spartan acoustic delicacy of Joshua Radin’s early work." - Independent Clauses

Brian Sousa and Amy Wynne met on Craigslist in November 2014, and the first time the two Strangers sat down with their guitars, they broke into a song called "Accident."
Brian had grown up playing violin, then guitar, and started writing and performing his first original songs in college. He played in a few different indie-rock bands from California to Colorado, before the sudden end of a relationship and a move back to Boston in 2014 saw him start writing the spare, solo acoustic songs that Amy first heard online.
Amy was a classically trained vocalist, and taught herself to play guitar in high school. In the early stages of Strangers by Accident, she was taking medical school prerequisites at Harvard University, when her apartment suddenly burned to the ground in the winter of 2015. She took this as a sign from the universe, quit school, and made music her focus.
The indie-folk duo Strangers by Accident was born that cold, rainy day in a ramshackle Boston apartment, and two years later, the two singer-songwriters have become a powerful live act, and are at work on their second album. They've stayed true to their influences: Nirvana, Ryan Adams, The Head and the Heart, strong beer, and cheap bourbon; to name a few; but also discovered a unique union of sound in their raw lyrics, homemade suitcase drums, acoustic and electric guitars, and most notably, their harmonies, which were once described by an audio engineer as "able to cast a spell over the room."
In the past year, Amy and Brian have been recognized as Artists of the Month at Inman Square's 1369 Coffee Shop, a hipster hang that is serious about their music, and the duo were also recognized as Semi-Finalists in the International 2016 Unsigned Only Music Competition


Acoustic Folk Rock from CLE

Ross Kowalski

Ross Kowalski has translated his musical skills gained from playing the violin over a decade ago, to performing catchy folk-tinged rock. Stemming from classic influences such as Neil Young and the Beatles, Ross's music is as catchy as his lyrics are memorable. Having played in various bands through the years, Ross's sound shines brightest through his solo acoustic performance.


Thursday March 9

Singer Songwriter / Folk Kent, OH


Abby Rose is a singer/songwriter from northeast Ohio.  For the past three years, Abby toured with a band as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, but now is focusing on her own songwriting.  She is currently writing for her second album.  Her songwriting uses imagery and thoughtful melodic phrasing to help capture moments for her, as well as the listener.  Abby Rose's first album, “Kites - EP” is available online for download. 


a folk singer from New England

Ian Fitzgerald is a folk singer and songwriter.  Based in New England, he has toured throughout the United States.  Known for his storytelling and skillful use of language, Ian has independently released five albums of original material, including his newest effort You Won't Even Know I'm Gone .  Performer Magazine called Ian "a polished songsmith who is high atop a field of great artists breaking through to festival and folk concerts throughout the States."

Ian has opened shows for Iris DeMent; Willy Mason; Mark Erelli; Tracy Grammer; The Ballroom Thieves; Joe Fletcher; Tall Tall Trees; Vandaveer; Ark Life; Parsonsfield; and Freedy Johnston, among others, and has shared bills with the likes of Haunt The House; Christopher Paul Stelling; Ron Gallo; and Jonah Tolchin.  Ian has also performed at a number of notable festivals and venues including: the 2016 and 2015 Newport Folk Festivals; 2014 All Newport's Eve (the official kickoff show for the 2014 Newport Folk Festival); NXNE; the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase; the Brown University Folk Festival; the In The Dead of Winter Festival; the Columbus Theatre; World Cafe Live at the Queen; and Infinity Music Hall.


Friday March 10

The Moxies

are a three piece outfit from Cleveland, Ohio. Their sound is an amalgam of rockabilly garage rock and pop with a gritty, blues sensibility. They fou nd their name on a retro, blue cream soda pop. They found their signature look in wing-tipped shoes and a black tie aesthetic. And they perform with a passion and vehemence akin to the origins of rock and roll.

The Moxies draw from classic influences from Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Etta James, to modern artists such as their hero Jack White, Cold War Kids, Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant. Because the band's sound is shaped by decades of rock, they appeal to audiences of all ages. Marco writes lyrics that range from aggressively energetic to bluesy angst to romantically charged rock n roll. With enough youthful energy to make even the most jaded listener sing and dance along.

The band released two EP's, receiving heavy airplay on Cleveland's Sound 87.7 with their singles 'Nightcrawler' and 'Be Fast Be Smooth'.

The Moxies have performed all over Cleveland and toured nationally as far as east as NYC and as far south as Louisiana. The band has appeared on FOX 8 Cleveland, performed at The Quicken Loans Arena and The Cleveland Browns Stadium,

Saturday March 11

Noon till 8pm

@5pm Live on our Stage

Folky-Bluegrass Americana from NY, NY


With Daniel Emond on banjo, Sarah Hund on fiddle, and Ben Mackel on guitar, The Blue Eyed Bettys delight with their folky-bluegrass sound. But what always seems to grab audiences immediately are their powerful vocals in three part harmony. All actors by trade, The Blue Eyed Bettys met while doing a new play together at the Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, FL. “Their theater-influenced performances and immaculate harmonies have earned them the admiration of local musicians and showgoers alike," says journalist Nick Friedman of thisweekinsarasota.com. They are singers and storytellers first; therein lies their ability to turn boisterous bars into attentive listening rooms and sleepy pubs into raucous parties as they weave stories with their exuberant performances.

Then At 9pm

Americana/Rock/skilled songwriter ~eternally engaging...and even soothing and seductive.” - No Depression


Brian Dolzani mines his personal life and experiences to create songs that cut deep upon first listen. Through his unique vocal tone (a 'smoother Neil Young') a nd individualistic writing style, you can tell Brian is putting himself on the ledge with every song and performance. His music reflects his heartache and perseverance through early life tragedy, as well as the daily complexities of family life and deep existential issues we all face (if we know how to look and feel). Despite the often confessional and weighty issues that he writes about, Brian's music is inspiring, healing, and a testament to the human ability to engage life at a deep, spiritual level, and live to tell the tale.

He will be releasing his 6th record in the Fall of '12, recorded in East Nashville with producer Neilson Hubbard (Matthew Perryman Jones, Kim Richey, Garrison Star), and has shared the stage with The Subdudes, Frank Turner, William Elliot Whitmore, Ryan Star, and Caravan of Thieves, among many others.

9pm FREE/No Cover

Tuesday March 14

HH set / full set @9pm

Harmonious Appalachian Soul from New Paltz (village), New York

Upstate Rubdown

"Pulling from the greatest corners of american music, this group has the power to get feet moving with or without amplification. Like fresh-farmed vegetables, their music is as organic as it is good for you. From foot-stomping bass, highlighted by the slap of a cajon, to the familiar strums of the mandolin and guitar over a wailing saxophone – there's so much going on instrumentally that when the harmonious lead vocalists chime in, the result is nothing short of a homegrown hurricane of sound."

Friday March 17

We'll Be

ALL DAY ~ St. Pats Happy Hour

Live Band after the parade!


With The Best Specials Downtown!



HUGE PAR-TY! Open at 10am
Corned Beef Sandwiches
Corned Beef Dinners
Cajun Shepard's Pie
Irish Stew!
Best in the Neighborhood!
$4 FireBalls & Jameson
1/2 Slab of Ribs & Fries + Salad = $9.99
We pride ourselves on having the
Best Service
Best Food
at The Best Price
+ Awesome Music

Saturday March 18

With sultry, mesmerizing vocals, engaging songwriting talent + fiery slide guitar work from Sydney Australia

Kara Grainger

"But the highlight of the opening set will be Aussie soul slinger Kara Grainger who is known for her groove-rooted sound and mean slide guitar; her sultry vocal melting hearts and minds, a true delight to see". -Zaki Zufri, Insing.com 

Kara Grainger boasts an impressive set of skills. This Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist may evoke comparisons to Bonnie Raitt, but she bears a style all her own, a relentlessly seductive, distinctly modern take on roots, blues and soul music.
At the age of 16 Kara joined with her brother Mitch Grainger to form the band "Papa Lips". The band toured consistently throughout Australia and produced two studio albums that received critical acclaim and were played on several radio stations nationally. The band was heavily influenced by the soul sounds from Stax recording in Memphis, and by the funk, soul and blues from New Orleans.

In 2008 Kara signed to Australian label "Craving Records" with whom Kara released her debut recording " Grand and Green River". The recording was co produced in the US with David Kalish and remained in the top 30 of the Americana Charts for 38 straight weeks. 
Since then she has made two further albums whilst residing in the US. Her second recording ”LA Blues" was performed live at Studio City Sound and engineered by producer Tom Weir. The recording paid tribute to some of Kara's earliest blues inspirations. In 2013 kara recorded and released "Shiver and Sigh" through Los Angeles record label "Eclecto Groove." The album was produced by grammy award winning producer David Z and featured some of LA's finest musicians including Mike Finnigan, Hutch Hutchinson, James Gadson and Kirk Fletcher among others. 
Since her beginnings playing the pub scene of Balmain in Sydney Australia, Kara's music has taken her on an incredible journey throughout the globe. She has traveled to Indonesia several times to perform at the Jakarta International Blues Festival, performing together with her band and also as a special guest with The Jakarta  Women's Blues Review.  In 2011 she toured Japan with "The Swampers and Donnie Fritts”, (the infamous house Rhythm section for "Fame Recordings" in Muscle Shoals). Kara has taken her band to Switzerland where she performed at the Lucerne Blues Festival as well as The Sierre Blues Festival'. She also has toured in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.
In 2015 Kara performed at the "Beautiful swamp Festival" in Calais France and also to sell out crowds on her debut tour of the Uk. This tour included performances at “The Voodoo Rooms” in Edinburgh and ”Ronnie Scotts",  Londons premier blues and jazz venue.
Recently Kara was also invited to play in North east India by the Himalayan Blues Foundation. Her live performance at the "18 degrees cultural Festival”, was an absolute career highlight. The show was incredibly well received and the local people of Shillong were thrilled and amazed after being introduced to the slide guitar for the very first time.
In the US, Kara has performed at several Festivals such as The Portland Waterfront Blues Festival and Blues from the Top in Colorado.  Kara has also  appeared at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.
She has also opened for many extraordinary acts such as Peter Frampton, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal and Jonny Lang to name a few.
Kara is currently working on a new cd which is set to be released in the Summer of this year. The recording is shaping up to have plenty of the roots and blues flavor for which she has become known, and also focuses on a simple production highlighting Kara's beautiful vocal and incredible handling of the slide guitar.

9pm FREE/No Cover

Friday March 24

Benefit Show w/

Sinatra CLE (Patrick Lynch)

Doing Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, Michael Buble

more Bands to be announced


Saturday March 25

Happy Hour with high energy good time duo from Columbia MO

Mercer and Johnson

Mercer and Johnson are Brock Johnson and s.mercer. The duo put their first recordings online for free in June of 2010. They immediately took off to find places that would let them play, as often as possible, logging thousands of downloads and hundreds of thousands of miles.
  The band has shared stages with, or opened for established acts and up and comers like... Billy Joe Shaver, Hayes Carll, Sara Watkins, the Turnpike Troubadors, Robbie Fulks, Mike McClure, Mountain Sprout, J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices and the Ben Miller Band. They quickly found out nobody cares who you've opened for. The band uses a mix of traditional string-band instrumentation on their recordings, to craft songs that vary in origin from traditional style ballads and up-tempo numbers, to songs influenced by singer-songwriters and modern indie rock.
Live, the two feature mostly mandolin and bass in a stomping shouting manner that people find enjoyable, yet puzzling. The puzzle is the mandolin, which they often mistake for a wide variety of other instruments. The two have released several recordings, an out of print cd e.p. called “Oregano", the digital-only release “Road Noise"  a self-titled full length and a full length named "Too".


Rags to Riches Presents

The Ides of March Rockabilly Hoedown

w/Johnny Fay & the Bel-Aires

Johnny Fay and the Blazers is a name known internationally to fans and collectors of early rock & roll. Here is the story of Bedford, Ohio native John Furino an d his teenage band the Bel-Aires.

John and friends formed the band while students at Bedford High School in the late 1950s, after witnessing a Cleveland Arena concert by Elvis, Scotty & Bill (with D.J. Fontana on drums). Johnny and The Bel-Aires played local dances and record hops, and after graduating in 1961, John kept the group together with various members.

In 1962 The Bel-Aires were approached by the newly formed Dani Records, a venture started by two Cleveland businessmen. A single was recorded pairing two Bel-Aires originals, “Cindy” and “Sweet Linda Brown”. These highly charged rockers were released under the name Johnny Fay and The Blazers, an identity concocted by the Dani label owners, which John disliked. The record never had a chance as the fledgling record company soon ground to a halt amid a dispute between the two owners.

John didn't think much more about the music business, relocating to Kent, Ohio in 1968. He and a partner opened a barber shop.

Over the years, the rare Dani label single became a favorite of European rockabilly collectors, with both sides appearing on several compilations of rare and coveted 45rpms.

In 2011, Matt Baker, an archeologist of Ohio's rock & roll past, located John and discovered that there were several unissued Bel-Aires demos recorded prior to the Johnny Fay single. While all uptempo rockers, these songs feature some different aspects of the Bel-Aires sound: from a 14 year old John wailing sax on “Bel-Aire Rock”, the Dion & the Belmonts style of “Charlotte”, the accordion led “Crazy Love”, to the Elvis rockabilly of “Hey Pretty Baby”.

Matt brought John's attention to a youtube video featuring a modern rockabilly group from France, The Megatons, playing a live version of “Sweet Linda Brown”. John wrote to the group to compliment their version and was promptly invited to Paris for a month of festival performances and recording with the Megatons in May 2012.

Since 2012, Johnny Fay has toured France twice. He has also played various venues in and around Cleveland during the past 4 years. Johnny Fay completed a US tour last year with the Megatons (from France) on their “Rockabilly Ball North USA Tour 2015” with dates in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and ending up at the “Rebel Nights” in New York City.


David Loy and the Ramrods

David Loy started his musical career in 1981, doing guest vocals with legendary Cleveland band The Generators (the inspiration for the Michael J. Fox movie “Light of Day”). David’s first band, The Tomcats (1982), was primarily a rockabilly band performing both originals and covers. The name was later changed to David Loy and The Ramrods, featuring David on guitar and vocals. As his musical influences grew, the name The Ramrods was replaced with The David Loy Band. During his 32 year career, David has opened for The Romantics, Joe “King” Carrasco, Blackfoot, Maggie’s Dream, Jason and the Scorchers, and Bill Kirchen. He has performed on local radio and television, as well as on MTV’s “Amuck in America.” Getting back to his rockabilly and Americana roots, David Loy and The Ramrodrecently opened for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wanda Jackson. Regardless of the genre, David has received positive reviews throughout his career

Tuesday March 28

Happy Hour w/

Indie-Pop/Rock from Melbourne Australia



The Elliotts began in 2007 when Robbie Elliott met James (Wally) Howlett at a gig. It was not until James joined that the group was completed. The pair united under a love of harmonies and worked with Pete Dacy (Taxiride, Superjesus), Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo) and Matt Beckley (Katy Perry) to refine their sound.

The Elliotts have been referred to as a post millennium Hollies by Bud Scooper of US rolling stone. In 2012 following Clint's departure, the band toured Singapore and recorded their first EP. Released in 2013, Warriors features 6 songs and an American Indian warrior on the disk; the title signifies the band's unwavering fight to make their music better and acknowledges the connection to their environment. Warriors has sold over 4,000 copies in Australia and was toured in Europe in 2015.


americana alt county indie rock folks from Detroit, Nashville, NYC now L.A.


The story of Shane O’Malley Firek, the single constant member of The Ferdy Mayne, is one of journeys – physical, spiritual, and a combination of the two.

“I was going through massive change when I was writing this material,” Firek explains. His moves from Detroit to Nashville, then to New York City, and now on the eve of the release of his self-titled debut album, to Los Angeles, all inform these songs. “Los Angeles is a shimmering object at first glance,” he remembers. “It is unreliable, similar to the unreliable dream of New York City, but I trust in the truth that you can sharpen the tools you came here with.”It’s a lot of movement, the other side of the coin of confinement, which Firek also knows something about. It’s likely the same optimism about his first glimpse of Los Angeles that kept him going before arriving there. “Before my sobriety, I was completely insane, in and out of jail, losing friends and putting myself in considerable debt,” he confesses. “I quit drinking around the time I began to perform in New York, and I’ve been sober a little over three years now.” Free of the law, and free of the hold of alcohol, Firek accomplishes on this album what any artist hopes to who has lived through pretty good and really bad, and that is to fully inform the work with experience. “All songwriting is informed by place, and I wrote what I felt within whatever place I may have been in. I scrape emotion from the bare bones of locations. I was decimated by each new experience and had to put myself back together again,” he says. Firek is most proud of his lyrics, and unlike some songwriters, he fights hard for them, sometimes over the course of many years. “When I write songs, it takes a very long time. Very rarely do songs come quickly, aside from a few on this record,” he says. One that came more easily is the album’s first single and music video, “Define My Name”. “This is the single most focused song on the record, lyrically,” he explains. “What else can it say? Define my name. Surreal, poignant Ferdy lyrics. This is what I do best.”

True enough.

Firek’s lyrics are indeed poetic, not in the labored over sense, even though the relative time spent may say differently, but in the sense that they flow as if being channeled.

From “Define My Name”:

Define my name, little Joan of Arc
Monk cherry tree, won’t you bury me?
I want it sticking out the side of my head
With the flower or the fruit
Define my name little casino hawk
Monk cherry tree gonna come after the dark
I want it sticking out my chest
I want to see it fly again

While The Ferdy Mayne is decidedly Firek’s very own “guitar band” alone, as he terms it, he has also attracted some 40-odd players to the project since he launched it in 2008, playing with musicians ranging from guys he grew up with, to some he found on Craig’s List mere days before stepping into a studio.

“I’ve been pulling this cart for almost ten years,” he jokes.

That said, the upcoming album has the fresh vitality that a first record should, and shows influences both very obvious and more obscure, from Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen to Merle Haggard, Wilco, and Lambchop.

“My influences are generally focused on very specific records and even more so, specific songs,” Firek says, breaking down the myth, and shedding light on the idea above by specifying it’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Street Hassle, and New Skin For The Old Ceremony that he’s feeling, along with Pride In What I Am, A Ghost Is Born, and How I Quit Smoking.

Firek’s laser-focused love for the specifics of other’s work also serves to put his own pride in perspective.

“I am in love with this record, and I want people to love it, too, but if the world doesn’t want it, I definitely have plenty more.”

Firek’s journey continues in 2017. Details of a tour behind the release of the debut album by The Ferdy Mayne will be announced shortly.

Following up three previous EP releases, look out for the self-titled debut album by The Ferdy Mayne on March 24th, 2017 via Greater Peaks Records. The first single and music video for “Define My Name” are streaming now.


Friday March 31

Clusterfolk! from Columbus

The Devil Doves are riding the success of their self-titled debut record, released on the DIY label Mingo Town Music, and are branching out from their usual garage sale and grocery store gig. Fronted by Junior Kauffman's rough vocals and insightful lyrics, and backed the uptempo and aggressive styles of Kyle “Headband” Davis on the cajon and Rico “Thunderstorm” Nassau on the bass, the Devil Doves have become a favorite within the Columbus scene. With the addition of Jeff “Pretty Fingers” Straw on the keys and the occasional guest appearance of So Long Stargazer's Kristin Green on backing vocals, the double D's continue to build a fan base throughout Ohio and beyond with their energetic live performances and creative songwriting.


Saturday April 1

fuse the likes of Nina Simone, Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor and Lauryn Hill!

Danielle Ponder and the

Tomorrow People

When Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People hit the stage things get torqued up quickly like a tent revival during tornado season. Named Top Ten Bands to watch by CityPaper, and winner of the 2015 Roc Awards, "Best Local Band", Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People transcend musical genres with a blast of deep, powerful groove and soul. The band is the groove while Ponder's pipes keep it rooted in soul. And according to Ponder, soul is more than a sound.

“Soul music is something you feel,” she says. “It gives you goose bumps.”

This Rochester, NY Native has spent the past years rendering goose bumps by perfecting her style and charismatic performance. She sings, you listen, you melt. The result of her focus and dedication is a tone that is both enchanting and seductive along with a riveting, honest stage presence. It is this voice that has helped her secure gigs opening up for powerhouses such as George Clinton, Ledisi and The Roots.  The band has also completed two successful European tours. Boyd Kletter of Bourbon Street Blues Club in Amsterdam said "Danielle shines bright both on and off the stage. She's truly is a star!"

In 2016 the singer released her debut EP Blow Out The Sun. Soultracks.com said  “Ponder's vocals combine the spirit of the church with the speak-truth- to-power assertiveness of a movement leader. “  Jeff Speak of the Democrat & Chronicle wrote "Ponder's tough-sounding vocals on “Three Word Revolution (I Love Myself)” is a defiant call to self worth. That title track feels custom built as a room-shaking anthem for women in the audience.”

It is clear that Ponder writes to empower and uplift. But Ponder's commitment goes beyond her stage performance. Like a  soul singing superhero, during the day Ponder works as an attorney for the poor. Her work as a Public Defender was recently highlighted in The Guardians Side Hustle podcast. 

To Ponder, the community is integral to the performance. They are, in a sense, part of the band. We are all tomorrow people.

"When I get on stage I want the audience to be just as important as the musicians. I want to hear them, feel them, and see them dancing and moving.”

And the crowd does just that. This daughter of a preacher take the audience to church, as she dances across stage and belts out her notes, it is clear that her gospel roots have had a strong influence.  This sensational singer also lists powerful influences that lit her fuse like Nina Simone, Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor, and Lauryn Hill. Ponder opens her mouth to sing and it's readily apparent; there's another name that belongs in that pantheon as well. Danielle Ponder, and her time is now.

"Vocalist Danielle Ponders brings natural power and emotion to stage". Allyson Lyke Rochester Music Examiner
"Danielle Ponder is a soul house!!" - Democrat and Chronicle
"So there we were on Gibbs Street, boppin' around to Filthy Funk's cool groove as Ponder rained soul down upon us, much like the clouds did soon after the set. Frankly, I think Ponder busted those clouds wide open."
-Frank Deblase City NewsPaper


Indie / pop / rock Painesville, OH

Nick Zuber

There's something about the Midwest, that makes it fertile breeding ground for the type of artist that identifies themselves as a singer / songwriter. Maybe it's the quiet corners of “Any-town, U.S.A.” where the gambit of human emotions are played out in everyday life, far away from the glitz and the glam of the idolized, silicone, cult known as the modern celebrity. The earnest lives of John and Jane Q. Public lend an endless supply of songwriting fodder for these gifted observers to notice, and then translate in a palatable manner for us to digest in light of our own hopes, fears, insecurities, and shortcomings.

Cleveland, Ohio's Nick Zuber is certainly capable of being counted amongst the best of the modern Midwestern singer / songwriters. Born and raised on the east side of Cleveland, in the tiny suburb of Painesville, Nick Zuber was granted a front row seat to a intimate education of the interactions between people, and the extraordinary occurrences that happen to ordinary folks. At the tender age of eighteen, Nick Zuber first picked up a guitar and started composing songs shortly afterwards. Once he graduated from high school, Zuber attended Lakeland Community College for a year studying Graphic Design, but left to make his musical calling a career. Zuber recorded his first full length album when he was only twenty years old. An impressive effort for a young man barely out of his teens. Zuber's music is full of thought provoking lyrics, and wonderful melodic surprises. Musically, one can find Nick Zuber somewhere between Dave Matthews and John Mayer. The Folky, Acoustic Rock of Nick Zuber's music is dynamic, and has a great field of diversity sure to please wide variety of tastes.

Since leaving college, to pursue music full time, Nick Zuber has had the opportunity to work with many major label recording artist including Eric Church, Blessid Union of Soul, Rooney, Matt White, Zee Avi, and Ryan Star. Nick Zuber was also give the opportunity to tour with EPIC Records recording artist Howie Day in 2009 and 2011. Nick Zuber has also been covered extensively by many different media outlets through the Cleveland area. He was interviewed and gave performances for WJW FOX 8 Morning Show and WKYC's Live on Lakeside television broadcasts. Nick Zuber and his band was also a featured artist on The Rock Office video podcast and blog, and Bad Racket recording studio's internet series. Zuber's music has been played on STAR 97.1 FM as well as WRUM 91.1. Zuber has also been the subject of articles in the Cleveland Scene and Voice magazines.

Nick Zuber has been touring and recording steadily now for almost a decade. For being a young man, Zuber is already a seasoned veteran of the recording studio and road. After having toured throughout most of the United States and releasing a handful of albums including 2008's “Harvest,” 2009's “Out on a Limb,” 2010's “Heart and Fist,” and “Piper” in 2012, Nick Zuber is getting ready to debut his latest album “Sketches in Magnacolor” later in 2013. “Sketched in Magnacolor” is poised to set Zuber as one of the foremost singer/ songwriters throughout midwest and beyond.


K. Smith


Tuesday April 4

Happy Hour w/

Nashville's #1 Singer Songwriter


Mark Stuart will spend 2016 doing what he has always done. He will tourfull-time as a musical artist, bringing his years of experience to thestage. Onstage, his focus is on the songs he has penned and recorded,delivered with a soulful singing voice and highly memorable guitar playing.

After many years on the Americana/Folk circuit, Stuart has cultivated avery rounded performance. His show consists of storytelling, flashy guitar"chops", and songs that seem to draw from his rock, blues, country, and folkmusic roots. Mostly, this artist from Tennessee has toured solo or in anotable duo with his wife ("Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart"). There were stintsalong the way as a sideman, though (Steve Forbert, Freddy Fender, SteveEarle, Joan Baez). If placed on the bill with a contemporary artist he isusually asked to play guitar on their portion of the show. Just ask Jason Ringenberg, Ray Wylie Hubbard, or Jimmy LaFave.

One can find Mark Stuart on any given night in a small theater,coffeehouse, house concert, festival stage, club, church auditorium, etc. giving it his all. Aside from that, he could be instructing at a guitarclinic, songwriting workshop, or playing on someone's recording session. As co-owner of Gearle Records he has produced or co-produced many albums.Stuart's career has repeatedly taken him to all of the USA, Canada, Europe,
and the United Kingdom, and, has spanned several decades

Wednesday April 5

Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout with


Blow your face out!

is the original harp man from the J. Geils Band, whose many hits flooded the airwaves during the 1970s and 1980s. Chart-toppers like "FreezeFrame", "Centerfold", "First I Look At The Purse", "Must a Got Lost", "Give It To Me" and Magic Dick's own "Wammer Jammer" were in the Top Ten off and on for 20 years and made them one of the few top bands(other then WAR) that featured a harmonica prominently in the frontline. Dick went on to start "Bluestime" with J. Geils after the original band broke up, making two CDs for Rounder Records.   |    www.magicdick.com


started the popular East Coast blues band THE BLUETONES 30 years ago with guitarist Ronnie Earl. They backed Big Walter Horton, Big Joe Turner, Jimmie Rogers, Otis Rush, JB Hutto & countless others in the early '80s all over the North East and recorded two albums for Rounder Records. In 1991 Norcia hooked up with Roomful of Blues and toured the world with the 11 piece band, appearing on their Grammy-nominated Rounder release TURN IT ON, TURN IT UP. Norcia also recorded the Grammy nominated Telarc release SUPER HARPS during his Roomful tenure with harmonica heavywieights Charlie Musselwhite, James Cotton and Billy Branch. Ray was nominated along with Hummel for a Grammy for their participation on Blind Pig's Remembering Little Walter, which won two BMA awards in 2014.Sugar Ray & the Bluetones are up for seven BMAs(Blues Music Awards) in 2017 in Memphis including Best Harmonica.   www.sugarray.com/


Born in 1954, Anson Funderburgh hails from Plano,Texas, where the youngster first picked up guitar. In high school, he got bit by the blues bug through Jimmy Reed and Lightning Hopkins. By 1978, he started Anson & The Rockets with vocalist/harp player Darrell Nulisch, and the group was signed by Black Top Records a couple years later. In 1986, Nulisch was replaced by Blind Sam Myers who stayed until his death in 2006. The Rockets went on to win 10 Handy's.


is the Grammy nominated, Blues Music Award winning, harp blowing front man, vocalist, bandleader,,author & promoter/founder of the Harp Blowouts. Hummel started the Blues Survivors in Oakland in 1978-they have recorded & toured w/Eddie Taylor, Jimmy Rogers, Lowell Fulsom, Charles Brown, Brownie McGhee, Charlie Musselwhte, Percy Mayfield,Joe Beard and Big Joe Duskin, Mark has recorded over 25 cds including Grammy nominated Remembering Little Walter. Hummel also was nominated for Best Independent Book Award for BIG ROAD BLUES: 12 BARS ON I-80. He started Golden State/Lone Star Revue w/Texas guitarist Anson Funderburgh & Little Charlie Baty in 2012,which has been Hummel's main touring group since starting it.

Plus Golden State-Lone Star Revue w/Anson Funderburgh, Wes Starr, RW Grigsby & Chris Burns( Keyboards). This band is nominated for Four Blues Music Award

"Within the context of the group everyone shines. They're all tight and loose at the same time and this doesn't change as they put together this blues concoction.Any fans of these musicians and regional styles will find this appealing" Matt McDonald-Blues Magazine 

"Their self-titled debut(***1/2) is a blast from start to finish. Effortlessly melds California and Texas as well as Chicago blues on a set of originals. Nick Cristiano-Philadelphia Inquirer

"They just might be the best blues band going" Kent Wolgamott-Lincoln Journal Star

"A stunning piece of work from start to finish" Roger Gatchet-Living Blues

"Top notch from start to finish, skip this one at your peril." Mark Smith-Music Revue

"These guys have a sound as big as their combined resumes..." Kevin Wierbicki-antiMusic

"Though described as a blues 'supergroup', this fivesome refreshingly displays none of the showboating or excess such a tag can suggest. Veteran harp master Mark Hummel fronts a lineup which lays down a set of blues as rock solid as each of the individual resumes." Duane Verh/Roots Music Report

"All respected instrumentalists in their own right, this collaboration is a premium showcase of West Coast Blues.These guys are all veteran blues men playing what noted critic Dick Sherman dubs'Real Deal Blues'! " Jim Hynes-Elmore Magazine

"Great bluesmen from California and Texas, including Mark Hummel and Anson Funderburgh....This is authentically real blues music. Dig It!" Joe Wolfe-Ear To The Ground

"Terrific-this excellent release with more joint contributions and only a few individual blow out solos, making it walk like a sleeping giant" Bman's Blues Report

"Having so many years under their belts, the band members are thrilled to be in a new project that can get them excited night after night. Feeding off each other's ideas, they bring something new to the table each show, keeping themselves as well as the audience entertained with the best effort they can put forth." Eric Sweedlund-Tucson Weekly


Saturday April 8

A Rowdy Blend of Rootsy Folk, Jazz and Blues from Buffalo, NY


Folkfaces is a group out of Buffalo, NY that plays a rowdy blend of rootsy Folk, Jazz, and Blues - fusing classic forms with contemporary feelings and irresisti bly danceable energy. Their inspiration comes from the mountains of Appalachia to the deltas of Mississippi, the swamps of Louisiana to the Concrete Jungle of the Rustbelt. Specializing in merriment and sticking it to the system, Folkfaces make the crowd dance and the hierarchy shatter.

Awards~Artvoice Battle of original music grand champions


Tuesday April 11

Thursday April 13

Psychedelic Funk Rock Reggae from Colorado


Zolopht has become a premier act in the Colorado music scene. Loosely described as psychedelic reggae-rock, Zolopht has an entirely unique sound that is as catchy as it is progressive. Lovingly crafted music and rigorous touring has provided the band diehard fans around the country and beyond. Zolopht has shared the stage with artists such as: The Wailers, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Passafire, Ballyhoo! and Katchafire. With two full-length studio efforts (pH-Balanced/Flexor*) under their belt and a third on the way, Zolopht has gained an unstoppable momentum.


Friday April 14

Rock + Soul Duo with Pop Sensibilty, lots of heart, & just the right amount of sass ~ from upstate NY


SIRSY is a rock and soul duo with lots of pop sensibility and just the right amount of sass. The Boston Globe sums it up, “Little band. Big Sound.” No more need s to be said. Although the only thing “little” about Sirsy is that there's just two of them. The rest is bigger than a T-Rex. Close your eyes and listen to the power and heart in their music and you'll swear there's more than two people on stage. It's crank up the volume, sing along at the top of your lungs music -- even when the ballads kick in. Plus, "Their clever, smart songs have more hooks than a tacklebox." (-Times Union).

SIRSY is fronted by powerhouse vocalist Melanie (Mel) Krahmer, who is described as “one of the most powerful & flexible voices you'll ever hear.” (-Times Union). Aftertaste Magazine said, “Bursting and belting out emotion and substance, she can be the queen of ‘in the groove' rocking or be simple and delicate.” Still, there is more to Mel than her soul-inspired vocals: she also plays a full drum kit while standing up (she's been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine and is officially endorsed by Paiste Cymbals and Vater Percussion). At their live shows, Mel also plays bass parts with a drum stick (on a keyboard mounted on her drums). She even throws in an occasional flute solo, too.

Guitarist Rich Libutti plays a well-loved and road-worn Rickenbacker through a pedal board full of vintage effects. “The guitar player is flawless and raw. Clean enough to be enjoyed, and just edgy enough to make you grin.” (-SXSW Music Blog, Austin TX). Live, Rich also plays bass on a keyboard with his feet.

Sirsy has played over 250 shows per year nationally for the last 10 years. They average about 60,000 miles per year in their little white van aptly named "Miles". They tour for a living. Although you'll normally find them in the headline slot, they've also opened for: Maroon 5, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Train, RaRaRiot, Third Eye Blind, Collective Soul, Lifehouse, Blues Traveler, Cheap Trick, and many more. SIRSY has played official showcases at CMJ and SXSW as well as marquee venues like The Viper Room and Gramercy Theater.

Both Mel and Rich have theater backgrounds. So, their energetic live show often includes stories and laughter from the stage. Although the lyrics can be introspective and the power of Sirsy can get pretty intense, “there is no sadness there”, Mel says. On stage they radiate joy. "It's just us being free and playing music...”

SIRSY is currently hard at work writing new songs for a follow-up to their latest EP "Sketches and Ghosts" and their most recent full-length offering, "Coming into Frame". "Coming into Frame" was produced by Grammy-winners, Paul Kolderie & Sean Slade (Radiohead, Hole, Dresden Dolls, Pixies). SIRSY's song “Cannonball” was featured on the hit tv show "Shameless" (on Showtime). Their music video for “Lionheart” was in rotation on MTVu and their song "Revolution" was the theme song for a PBS documentary "So Right, So Smart". (The music video for 'Revolution' was also in rotation on HBO).

“Pouring their souls out and rocking the shit outta the crowd, was SIRSY … just phenomenal! SIRSY is NOT simply a two piece, they are a head scratching, 'WOW!' This is the complete package in a fun sized, rock and roll, smiling laughing, have a good goddamn time with your friends, band!” (-SXSW Music Blog, Austin TX) "SIRSY is Highly talented, “edgy-feel-good” and fun to watch, you gotta go see them.” (-Houston Music Blog)

Saturday April 15

Happy Hour with

Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter from Erie PA

Tyler Smilo

Rock Erie Music Award (REMA) for Best Acoustic Act

Born in Texas and raised deep in the Rustbelt of Ohio, Tyler Smilo has lived a vagabond's lifestyle before settling in Erie, PA and taking the city's music scene by storm. An award winning acoustic artist, Smilo's Americana influenced folk songs are mostly autobiographical. However, the themes are easily relatable to the “everyman” and his performances both heartfelt and moving.

The release of two successful solo albums: Blood Into Sound and Dust In A Grave, a series of official videos dubbed The Rooftop Sessions, and fronting his own full bands Daybreak Radio and Smilo & The Ghost, has earned Smilo accolades in both regional and national entertainment publications. The genuineness and passion of Smilo's music cannot be denied, and will make a lasting impression on anyone who chooses to take the chance to listen.

↓ After The Game ~ 6:30/7 ↓

bluesy, funky, soulful from Grand Haven, MI


The Jim Shaneberger Band is a group of hardworking musicians hailing from West Michigan. Led by front man Jim Shaneberger, a skilled guitarist, bassist, songwriter, and vocalist, the band is a mainstay in the Michigan music scene. Bassist Jeffrey Baldus and drummer Steve Harris each add their own energy and playing styles for a lively, energetic, and eventful stage performance. With influences like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zepplin, and Motown classics, the Jim Shaneberger Band mixes rock, funk, soul, and blues into a sound all their own.
Jim Shaneberger's songwriting prowess made its debut on the band's first album, Work In Progress. His original music showcases his diverse range of musical interests, with each song drawing from a unique genre and theme. “Trouble,” an R&B flavored song with socially conscious lyrics, has had radio play all over the world, creating a fan base for Jim Shaneberger Band reaching far beyond their Grand Rapids roots.
The Jim Shaneberger Band's ability to perform captivating original music, as well as covers that have their own take and style, has led them to many high profile gigs, including opening for funk band Here Come the Mummies in 2014 and 2015, and competing in the International Blues Challenge in 2015 in Memphis, Tennessee. Along with that, Work In Progress was nominated for four WYCE Jammie Awards in 2014, including Best Album by a New Artist, Best Blues/Soul Album, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year for “The Storm is Coming.” With a new album currently in the works, this band is no longer a “work in progress,” but a growing force in the music scene.

Wednesday April 19

Harmonica based Funk and Jump Blues from Salt Lake City



Winner of 2016 'Best Blues Band' by City Weekly Music Awards

Tony Holiday and The Velvetones mix their many influences into a musical gumbo of Dirty Rock and Down Home Blues . With Tony Holiday on harmonica and guitar, Ad am Fifield on the Hammond organ, and Dave Idan on drums, it's a compact trio that packs a big punch and will keep the place dancing till the sun comes up. Tony Holiday and The Velvetones travel the country spreading their music. Based out of Salt Lake City, you'll either find them currently on tour or prepping hard for their next one. It's just what they do-they live and breath the open road. Tony Holiday and The Velvetones are endorsed by Shaker Harmonica Mics, Coalatree Organics, and Wasatch Glass Works.


Thursday April 20

Indie-Rock/Alt. Country from Boston MA


he Big Lonesome is an indie rock band from Boston, MA. Formed in 2009 after songwriter Chad Gosselin released a collection of home recordings, he recruited hi s brother Luke Gosselin (guitar/lap steel/vocals) and friend Joe Ziemba (bassist) to play coffee shops, living rooms, and dilapitating rock clubs around the northeast. In 2012, they were joined by drummer Andy Korajczyk. The band quickly developed their sound into a four piece tapestry of shoegazed indie rock with a sensibility for pop. 2016 saw the departure of Ziemba and the addition of Sam Okon. Their music has been described as sounding like "The Rolling Stones covering Sonic Youth" and has drawn comparisons to Guided by Voices and early Wilco.

In 2014, the Lonesome released its first formal EP Undone along with producer Sean McLaughlin (Matchbox 20/Elliott Smith), and mastering engineer Jeff Lipton (Wilco/Spoon/Bon Iver). The band toured the northeast and east coast the following summer in support of the record, garnering national radio attention along the way.

The Big Lonesome are currently working on their sophomore effort which is set for an early 2017 release date.

Awards = 1996 World Cup

Friday April 21

Retro Folk Rock from East Nashville, TN byway of Saint Louis, MO

Sadie Hart

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Sadie Hart has long let her love of music lead her around the world. From studying music and theatre in London to playing the singer/songwriter circuit in New York City to teaching yoga with tranquil tunes in Costa Rica, Sadie always strives to perfect her craft and turn her experiences into song. Her honest and candid pop-laced Americana music exposes a vulnerable s ide of the singer, all the while remaining approachably witty. Influenced heavily by The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, the Great American Songbook and her extensive musical theatre background, Sadie's top-notch songs have landed her in contests ranging from the 2013 Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriters Project to a finalist in the annual John Lennon Songwriters Scholarship Contest. Her fun folk-y tunes are upbeat and inspiring tracks, sure to stick with you long after the record has stopped spinning.


Saturday April 22


musical showcase Folk Rock to Hip Hop. 7pm


Wednesday April 26

a folk-rock / psych-rock duo from Greenville, South Carolina

Brother Oliver

Andrew Oliver and Stephen Oliver are the artists behind Brother Oliver, a project deeply rooted in a folk rock/psych rock aesthetic. With instrumentation that woos and wrestles, their music explores the fearsome tension between one's affections and one's actions. The brothers are transparent and sincere, depicting simple pleasures and complex convictions to their listeners. Through honest song, Brother Oliver narrates the internal conflicts that wear long as life

Thursday April 27

Singer Songwriter~folk, indie, blues, acoustic rock uno!

from Grand Junction, CO

A familiar favorite in the Western Colorado scene, Will Whalen delivers a unique mix of acoustic rock, blues, and indie-folk, employing smooth guitar, raucous e ffects, elegant keyboard, a digital loop station and more to make a full, luscious sound. All this, while maintaining the no-hassle simplicity of an independent singer-songwriter. With a full compliment of originals as well as an eclectic array of crowd-pleasing favorites, Will Whalen fits any room, from cafes and art openings to rowdy bars and staged venues.

About Me:
I feel free when I'm onstage, and I invite the audience to feel free with me. The songs I've written are about everything from new love to heartache, from personal inspiration to national embarrassment. The songs I cover are the ones that feel timeless to me. I choose my venues carefully, accept my fans gratefully, and perform like there's nothing else I'd rather be doing. Because there isn't.

Previous Performances for Charitable Organizations and Educational Events
- KAFM's "Radio Daze" and "Battle of the Bands" to raise funds for public radio.
- The American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" event hosted at Colorado Mesa University.
- "Cool Art for Warmth," an event to raise funds and awareness of homelessness.
- The Western Colorado Center for the Arts' "Spring Art Week" to educate grade-school students on the importance of artistic projects and pursuits.
- Colorado West Pride Fest 2015, supporting equality, understanding, and inclusiveness on the Western Slope of Colorado and beyond.

Friday April 28

Righteous Hillbillies

rock ‘n' roll band launching a revival of the Southern spirit of blues boogie, soul groove

Righteous Hillbillies are a rock ‘n' roll band launching a revival of the Southern spirit of blues boogie, soul groove, along with the primal and visceral energ y of rock ‘n' roll power. Their hometown of Joliet, Illinois is not the likeliest headquarters for one of America's best Southern Rock bands, but Righteous Hillbillies put the map of convention in the shredder a long time ago. With every Allman Brothers or Stax-Volt style lick, and impassioned and intense shout in a mode and method similar to Chris Robinson, Righteous Hillbillies are an axe shredding, ace dealing demonstration of Southern Rock vitality and the value of authenticity. After a recent live performance at a music festival, music critic David Masciotra, author of Mellencamp: American Troubadour, said, “Righteous Hillbillies stole the show. Their high level of skill, energy, and intensity will make anyone dance in one moment, and then knock the wind out of them the next.”

The lineup of Righteous Hillbillies consists of Brent James, a singer and songwriter bringing together such seemingly disparate elements as hard rock, country, with rhythm and blues to form an unforgettable style. Also keeping the rhythm on guitar, James is a charismatic but commanding front man, steering the Southern Rock ship to conquer new territory at every concert. By his side is Nick Normando, a prodigy and gifted lead guitarist who received his baptism in blood while growing up playing the blues. Righteous Hillbillies have now cut the leash, and Normando is free to run with the pack, bringing all his ferocious power and unpredictable virtuosity to the stage and studio. Jeff Bella pours the foundation on the bass, knowing when to inject color and character into the music, behind Bella is Barret Harvey – a thunderous powerhouse whose drumming ability is steady as a pulse, but equally dynamic. Trained in rock ‘n' roll and jazz, Harvey adds a unique ingredient to the Hillbillies tonic. Elevating the rhythm of Righteous Hillbillies with a tone of gospel is Chris Bartley, whose keyboards and organ give every song a soulful texture on top the jagged edge of rock ‘n' roll.

Righteous Hillbillies released their first record of original, instant classics in 2008. They followed up their self-titled debut with a stunning sophomore effort, Trece Diablos, in 2012. Like a brilliant poker player, they upped the ante in 2015. Righteous Hillbillies who threw all their talent in a bag and took it to Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, showing that they can stand in the same studio as the legends who made Muscle Shoals famous: Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Wilson Pickett, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bob Seger. Citing all of those icons as influence, Righteous Hillbillies' new record, The Muscle Shoals Sessions, gives listeners the thrill of hearing a band on top of their game, and exploring all the high points of American music, from rock to rhythm and blues. The songwriting shines like a new diamond, and the performances are flawless.

The Muscle Shoals Sessions was written and performed by the members of Righteous Hillbillies including former guitarist, singer/songwriter Kev Wright with accompanying keyboards on the album provided by Danny Louis from Gov't Mule and Larry Byrom from Steppenwolf. It was produced by Craig Bishop of New York Noize, who has worked with David Byrne, BB King, Rosanne Cash, Joan Osborne, and Shawn Colvin. It was engineered by John Gifford III (Fame Studios) and mastered by Fred Kevorkian of Kevorkian Mastering, who has worked with Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, The White Stripes, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Trey Anastasio, and more.

Righteous Hillbillies are currently supporting the record throughout the Midwest, and throughout their career, have shared the stage with Bad Company, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, David Allen Coe, Bret Michaels, Phil Vassar, Jackyl, Gin Blossoms, Days of the New, Sonny Landreth, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Buckwheat Zydeco, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Black Oak Arkansas, Jimmie Van Zandt, Doyle Dykes, Stoney LaRue, Cathy Richardson, Clint Black, and more.

Righteous Hillbillies are currently writing songs for their next record, promising to make it a Southern Rock explosion. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates on their show schedule, and exciting news about their next project.

Saturday April 29

HappY HouR w/

CLE Singer, Songwriter


When the Urban Cowboy craze blew into New York City in 1979, newly transplanted Cleveland boy Jeff Varga found himself smack in the middle of it.

It's a surprising story, coming from Varga, an unassuming folk-styled, singer-songwriter and 40-year veteran of the Cleveland music scene. He belongs to a seasoned class of artists who followed in the footsteps of the likes of James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Paul Simon. Unlike the ramblings of suburbanite hipster-folksters who write about washboards they've never touched and moonshine they've never tasted, Varga's music is dipped in a classic brand of folk that values emotional authenticity over populist style.

So when he talks about touring as a member of the somewhat contrived Urban Cowboy movement in the late 1970's and early 1980's, it certainly is an unexpected tale.

Varga started making music as an all-American, Beatle's-loving 16-year-old, too young to play Cleveland clubs without a chaperone. After high school, he moved to New York City to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts as an actor and started playing open mics and coffee houses in the East Village.

When Country music climbed to the top of the popular music charts and swept New York City by storm, Varga was in that rare position of being in the right place at the right time.

Promoters scoured the city for would-be Urban Cowboy musical talent and Varga was quickly recruited. He spent the next five years as a rhythm guitarist in various groups that toured the U.S. and Europe. One such group sent him on a Scandinavian tour as “rehearsal” for a part in the newly pitched Urban Cowboy sitcom slated in the tradition of The Monkees and expected to become the next-big-thing. But just as quickly as the trend swept in, it drained out.

“By the time we got back [from Scandinavia] the sitcom idea was scrapped and the whole Urban Cowboy movement was over,” said Varga. After that, “I had a little cash in my pocket and I thought ‘I'd like to take a break.'”

He moved back to Cleveland and began the process of writing and performing his own songs. Country folk artists like Lyle Lovett and Guy Clark “were making music that just blew me away,” said Varga, they inspired him to want to do the same. He started playing up to 250 shows a year, sometimes double bills. But then, his voice gave out. Doctors found a pre-cancerous tumor on his vocal chords and operated. Varga wondered if he would ever sing again.

“What I loved to do, I couldn't do,” says Varga. It was agony to be in that position he says. But he refused give up. Six months of therapy and hard determination later, his voice was back and Varga says, he was better than ever.

It's that quality of hope and perseverance that defines Varga's music.

“With my writing, I want people to know that whatever happens, it can get better. There is hope,” Varga smiles and shakes his head.  “It's a three to five minute genre of telling a story and if you can get it right,” he says, that's when you're making something great.”

Varga currently performs on Cleveland-area stages and multi-state tours. He recently scored and performed the theme song for the award winning short film out of Los Angeles, “Burnt,” and released the 7-song album Back Porch Songs

After The Game

singer-songwriter playing dreamy folk rock from Newport, KY

Royal Holland

Royal Holland is a singer-songwriter from Newport, KY playing dreamy folk rock songs about love and loss since early 2014. He is desperate to create elaborate, visceral, truthful musical stories in every new song. He stands upon the shoulders of his heroes of the art form; Leonard Cohen, Elliot Smith and Jeff Mangum among many others, and draws inspiration from the terribly beautiful and wonderfully horrible events of daily mundane life. He wants us all to feel beautiful and free.

Growing up in a small farm town, Royal started piano lessons at age 7 during which he begged his instructor to teach him how to write a song. Since then, Royal has always taken solace in writing songs. It got him through being an outcast in his formative years, becoming a single dad at a young age and two failed marriages. He continues to write songs that will connect with those of us who can't quite seem to find their place in this life.

Royal has led two bands over the past 14 years, but has recenty branched out as a solo artist. In his first year he has been featured on CMJ.com, shared the stage with Reggie and the Full Effect, released an initial 4 song E.P. titled "Volume One - The Maze" (recorded and produced by Grammy winning producer Brian Olive), begun work on a second E.P., cut a Nashville demo on Music Row , logged over 5000 touring miles and won The 2014 Ohio Music Award for “Best Folk Album”


Sunday April 30

Authentic Americana music straight out of West Virginia




Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy originally started working together in 2014 the Steve hired Jake to record a few songs for Steve's upcoming wedding. That went so well they continued working together recording a full length LP. The result, "The Miller Girl", draws on their influences in the genre including Old Crow Medicine Show, the Avett Brothers and Jason Isbell. Based out of Washington, West Virginia, they form a formidable duo. The album "The Miller Girl" explores themes of the transformational power of love and is dark, funny, and wistful by turns and features something that's lost is a lot of modern music: innocence. Jake is a West Virginia state flat picking champion and multi-instrumental virtuoso who has played with Bluegrass legend Melvin Goins' band. He has also played with James King and shared the stage with Idletymes, Don Rigby, and Remington Ryde to name a few. Steve is a well known regional songwriter best known in the region around West Virginia for his work with his eponymous Steve Hussey Band. A veteran performer, he has shared the stage with .38 special, Eddie Money and the Davisson Brothers to name a few while entertaining crowds at clubs and fairs and festivals all over the region.
"The Miller Girl" will be released November 22, 2016 on their label Merf Records.

Wednesday May 3

roots rockin’ funk soul blues out of Woodstock, NY


“As we say in the the south, 'this boy boy has the real goods'.”

Butch Dener - Manager of 'The Band'
"It is with great pleasure I put the spotlight on a wonderful musician, Dylan Doyle. Dylan is only eighteen, but his abilities as a guitarist go well beyond those years.There truly must be something in the water in Upstate New York. Dylan joined the group Minstrel (Connor Kennedy, Lee Falco, Will Bryant, and Brandon Moss) and me last September at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY. He sat in on Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” that evening. His playing was flawless and inventive. Live performance is not about only playing a song but being aware of the conversation and flow of those you’re playing with. He spoke beautifully and was listening to what was going on around him. His musicianship was impressive. I wish him the very best on the journey he’s undertaking as a songwriter and leader of his own band. I look forward to our next conversation."
-Bill Payne of Little Feat

Southern born, Northern raised , Dylan Doyle has been steeped in everything from Bob Dylan, Wes Montgomery, and Bill Withers to John Prine, Jimi Hendrix, and The Band. From this comes a unique musical interpretation that lies somewhere within the delta of Roots, Rock, and Jazz, giving him a style that defies classification.
Touring nationally since age 15, Dylan became a seasoned professional at a very young age. He has played with such notable musicians Rob Stoner (Bob Dylan, Don Mclean), John Platania (Van Morrison, Natalie Merchant), Ben Cauley (Otis Redding) and Bill Payne (Little Feat). Stoner called Dylan one of the most prodigious players he has known with abundant natural talent. John Platania has referred to Dylan as “The Future.” Ben Cauley, after playing with Dylan in Memphis said, “Dylan Doyle sounds like a young Jimi Hendrix.” In the words of Bill Payne upon sharing the stage, “Music is a conversation. Dylan spoke beautifully and was listening to the musicians around him. His play was imaginative and original.”
Attesting to Dylan’s versatility, Dylan has played the King Biscuit Blues Festival three consecutive years as well headlining the Grateful Garcia Gathering, the largest Grateful Dead festival in the Midwest. Dylan consistently packs houses around the country as is looking forward to the band’s European Debut in 2017.


Friday May 12

Americana, Country, Rock band from Lexington, KY byway of LKWD OH



Hey, my name is Greg Finger. Here is my story!

Let's start with the music. Greg Finger Band is my band. We are a Country/Americana band based out of Lexington, Kentucky combining the tasteful music styles I grew up loving. As one reviewer put it, “Greg Finger Band has made a grand start as a band who combines delightful elements of country, americana, and rock music into sounds that are just plain good to listen to, all the while maintaining an obvious sense of authenticity.”

But how did this all happen?

As a young kid growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, life for me was as normal as it could be for a brown haired, blue eyed, Irish kid. I was adopted at a young age by two loving parents that wanted a better life for me than my birth mother could provide. Struggling for years with addiction, she made the brave choice to choose adoption and a better life for me. I was introduced to music at a young age. I can remember sweet memories of when my Dad used to sing James Taylors “Sweet Baby James” to me as I drifted off to sleep tucked under my blanket. Those are my first memories of how music touched me. Playing instruments has always come naturally to me. My parents bought me my first upright piano when I was in first grade. The funny thing about it is how out of tune that piano is. I can't even imagine how annoyed my parents must have been hearing me play that thing for hours a day as a first grader. I'm forever grateful now when I go back home and play that out of tune piano, because without my “out of tune” start, I wouldn't have discovered music in such a life changing way.” Let me let you in on a little secret. I haven't always been a lover of all types of music. The direction I ended up going wasn't anywhere near where I started. Truth be told, I wasn't a big folk/country music fan growing up…that was, until my future wife at the time introduced me to Zac Brown Band. It was the summer of my junior year in college when I listened to Zac Brown Bands album “Uncaged” for the first time. My heart and my mind instantly clicked. I spent months taking in the sounds and feels of that album. After listening through the album likely 30 times, I thought “This is what I want to do…I want to make music like this.” It was clear to me at that moment where my desires met my gifting. But how was I going to do it? I started writing songs….lots of songs. I admit most of them were awful at first, but for six months I was a songwriting machine I wrote over 80 songs. After sharing a few songs with guitar player/background vocalist Duke McClellan and adding him on the tracks, I knew we had something going. It is a special thing when you genuinely enjoy hanging out with people you “work” with. I put work in quotes because music has never felt like work me, more like something that is instinctively a part of me. Duke is an insanely talented guitar player and background singer, but even more than that, Duke gets the vision. That is invaluable to me.” Coming together very organically, Greg Finger Band came together with Duke as my wingman. Fast forward one year, our debut EP has launched, we have spent thousands of miles on the road, and have been writing and playing the best music we ever have – I am excited. Can you tell?

We have only scratched the surface of what we are going to do, and I look forward to the journey.


Saturday May 13

funk, rock, jazz and soul progressive blues from CLE


Formed in 2010 by guitarist/composer Gaetano Letizia to play a style of progressive blues that combines it with funk, rock, jazz and soul. Desiring to stand on the shoulders of the blues greats, the band strives to produce creative, new blues music that honors and expands their great tradition. The group has a core of three veterans (Gaetano Letizia, Larry Keller, Mike D'Elia) and an extended family of feature artists that join in when needed.

The UWB will release its first CD, “Voodoo Doll & Other Blues Lessons” in the fall of 2013.

Gaetano Letizia, Guitar & Vocals*
40 year veteran of the US music scene with blues and jazz performances in LA, NYC, Europe and Asia. With ten albums to his credit and glowing revues in Downbeat and Guitar Player magazines, Gaetano now performs and teaches throughout the US.

Mike D'Elia, Drums & Vocals*
Playing professionally since age 13, Mike is the “go to” blues and R&B drummer in Cleveland. Mike is in heavy demand by many bands and venues in the area, able to play and sing all the tunes including his own compositions.

Larry Keller, Electric Bass & Vocals*
Respected for decades by Northern Ohio blues, funk and soul musicians as one of the finest bassists in the Midwest. Larry holds down the bottom end for many of the area's best blues, rock and soul bands. Larry's style combines the best of the old school R&B players with all the energy of today's new school blues rock bassists.




Sunday May 28

“Cowboy Jazz”

Sons of Pitches

bring their own brand of improvisation to the stage for a thrilling live event.  Their instrumental country jazz originals, and unique arrangements of standards affectionately called “Cowboy Jazz,” provide a musical landscape for staking their claim and pushing on to new frontiers. They swing, they rip, they dip, they dive, they fly…they melt hearts & faces.


Friday June 10
Happy Hour

with Chart topping UK singer-songwriter

Luke Concannon

Luke Concannon is an English singer-songwriter who writes about people power, hope, and intimacy. After selling over a million records in the UK and Ireland from his own independent record label, he's in America to begin sharing his music. 

Luke wrote his last album inspired by a hitch-hiking adventure from England to Palestine, where he spent time as a peace worker. He says; ‘Integrity is important to me, so signing to a major record label never felt like the right fit; I wanted to speak the truth to power and invest in our local community. My interest at gigs is to hear what people are yearning for (sometimes to sing and dance together, sometimes to be really quiet) and to invite that. I like the community that can be created by playing listening and laughing together'.

Luke is one of the most passionate, honest, and engaged song-writers on the scene right now, putting on one of the most magical powerful live shows going. Come join us to share songs and stories.


Tuesday June 13

Soulful pop-rock from Rochester, N.Y.


Tyler Pearce


The Tyler Pearce Project is an energetic soulful pop/rock band from Rochester, N.Y. The project grew from solo singer-songwriter, Tyler Pearce, who brings soul and power in her honest voice and relatable lyrics, which is often compared to Alanis Morisette and Hozier. Tyler released a solo EP More Than Life (2013) and performed in solo, duo and trio capacities, before deciding the full band sound, energy and shared experience was the real calling. As a yoga instructor, she felt passionate about getting people dancing and moving in their bodies; as well as the power of music to bring listeners into the present moment and connected to their senses. Since creating a band in 2014, she has played 200+ shows and festivals around the Northeast, including stops in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The band is full of energy, sinking you into beat-driven grooves and hip moves, inspired by the likes of Grace Potter and Michael Franti. In 2016, the TPP released full band singles "This Is Me," "Don't Say" and "Patience", currently getting radio airplay in upstate NY. With a full-length slated for March 2017, the Project emphasizes big drums, creative guitar riffs and heavy bass behind Tyler's soulful vocals. You can expect a high energy live performance and captivating visual as well from the Tyler Pearce Project.


Modern afrobeat from around the world / from Barcelona!

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble was founded in Chicago in 2003 by guitarist Aaron Feder . In 2006 Aaron moved to Barcelona in search of a different sound for the AAbE. He quickly found a group of international members, from all continents of the globe. In a short time the band was reformed and headlined the Fiestizaje music and arts festival in 2008.   The band then set about recording their first studio album, Toubab Soul which was released in 2010. Shortly afterwards, they released the remix album, Toubab Resouled , and opened the world music festival Cruilla de Cultures with Konono No 1 .

Toubab Soul met with positive reviews from different international publications, such as Afropop Worldwide, calling the album “ as dark and intensely danceable as any African musical experience can be ”, and DJ Floro declared the band the best representation of Afrobeat in the country. While their energetic live show was winning over audiences in Spain, their studio work was included in a compilation CD from Relix magazine , part of a world music compilation from TuneCore digital distributors, and used as the soundtrack for the first ever Nigerian-Spanish film, Super Zebraman . Their connection with the visual arts continued when they had music included in the television show Furgoaddictes , and they recorded the music for the national TV show Museo Coconut.

At the same time the band also began their relationship with manager Javi Zarco ( Ojos de Brujo, Peret ), who is also a founder of the Afrobeat Project cultural association in Spain. Their music was also included on an Afrobeat compilation from Paris DJs and later in the compilation World Music from Catalonia . Their live shows continued to grow in intensity, and they hit the festival circuit, playing at ImaginaFunk with Ebo Taylor , and closing out the WOMAD Canary Islands festival in 2011.

Fast forward to 2014, after two years of crossing the Iberian Peninsula and visiting the Canary and Balearic Islands on various occasions, they return to the studio to record their second album, Life No Get Dublicate . At the same time, the record label Slow Walk Music is formed, and AAbE is on board. The album is released at the beginning of 2014 and receives positive reviews from multiple international sources, with La Vanguardia newspaper saying the album is “ worthy of Blue Note records ”. The band is featured on PRI's the World , and begins to expand outside of Spain. They are selected for the AA++ musical exchange with France , open the Mercé Festival in Barcelona for 10,000 people, return to a sold out show in the Canary Islands in the Umami Music and Arts Festival , and they are selected to tour Spain in the Girando Por Salas program. In November 2014, the band released a short animated film set to the song “ Majority Whip ”.

In 2015 the band changes direction a bit, with singer Joe Psalmist , from Lagos, Nigeria joining the band for their winter/spring tour of the peninsula, Balearic Islands and even a trip to the African continent to play in Ceuta . Additionally, they return to the studios of Radio 3 for another nationally televised in studio concert.

Joe's soulful voice and inimitable stage presence brings the band to the next level. They spend winter recording a new album, and then spend the summer touring Spain and France once again, highlighted by multiple visits to Madrid in the Fiestas de San Isidro and the Festival de Cultura Inquieta , plus a return to Ibiza . Fall 2015 saw the release of their third studio album, It's Time , combining brand new songs with brand new remixes as well. 2016 has seen the band on their first North American tour as well as hitting up London and France .

FREE - No Cover

Saturday June 24


Honest, energetic folk music from the Adirondack Mountains

Alex Smith

Alex is a wonderful poetic writer who captures words full of meaning, matching them with creative music that creeps quietly into the past at the same time as dancing with the present, and sneaking a peek at the future. - Bob Everhart: Country Music News International


Wednesday June 28

Reggae/Rock/Funk band hailing from Boston


The Elovaters are Reggae/Rock/Funk band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The band is fronted by lead singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Jackson Wetherbee who has toured internationally. The Elovaters also feature musicians formerly of New England Music Award winning bands; The Aldous Collins Band and Last Call. The sound is similar to that of UB40, The Police, Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their show is fun, energetic and has festive crowds dancing, grooving, and singing along.They have supporting headliners such as Kool and The Gang, Akon, Ballyhoo, Stick Figure, Collie Buddz, Trombone Shorty, The Movement, New Kingston, and Galactic.

Thursday June 29

Indie Folk Rock from Hotlanta!


Three brothers with true passion for music; Highbeams play their own brand of emotive, high-energy Folk Rock. Since forming in 2012, Highbeams has released two full length albums and performed all over the Southeast alongside national acts like Vertical Horizon, Chase Bryant, and Col Bruce Hampton. Today the band continues touring behind their latest release, Everything Aside, and making the most of every opportunity to share their dream with the world.


Thursday July 6

Rev. Raven

& the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys

Bringing crowds to their feet at the hardest to please and sophisticated night clubs in the Midwest, Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys play traditional blues, straight up with a big dose of passion. With smoking grooves, served up with hot harmonica and smooth stinging guitar they play original songs peppered with nods to Slim Harpo, Little Walter, Jimmy Rogers, Billy Boy Arnold, Junior Wells and the three Kings.

Rev. Raven and the band won the Wisconsin Music Industry (WAMI) award for best blues band in 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2008 and again in 2010. They also received the People's Choice Award in 2006, 2008 and again in 2010. They were nominated for a Grammy Award in 2007 for Bamfest 2007.

Born and raised on south side of Chicago, the Reverend has been playing the blues since 1971 when he first saw Freddy King play at the Kinetic Theatre in Chicago. After 15 year hitch in the Navy he moved to Milwaukee where he began a long friendship and collaboration with Madison Slim, long time harmonica player for Jimmy Rogers.

Since 1990 Raven has opened for B.B King, Gatemouth Brown, Pinetop Perkins, Koko Taylor Band, Junior Wells, Billy Branch, Magic Slim, Elvin Bishop, Sugar Blue, Lonnie Brooks, William Clarke, Lefty Dizz and numerous others at festivals and at Buddy Guy's Legends. He has also performed with Billy Flynn, R.J. Mischo, Perry Weber, Piano Willie, Stokes, Jon Paris, Clyde Stubblefied, Bryan Lee and the Lamont Cranston band


Westside Andy Linderman

on Harmonica

Born in 1952, Andy caught the music bug young, and picked up his first harmonica at age 11 in Madison, WI, which he still calls home. Listening late at night on KAAY AM Radio in Little Rock, AR, he got turned on early to Muddy Waters, Little Walter, James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf, and Big Walter Horton, to name a few. And at that time, there were so many great, iconic players to learn from in the nearby Chicago area. Junior Wells, Charlie Musselwhite, Jim Liban, Corky Siegel, Paul Butterfield. Lots of information and inspiration for a young, hungry player.

He's played over 10,000 gigs over some 45 years, working with a Who's Who of the Blues: Luther Allison, Ben E. King, James Cotton, Pinetop Perkins, Barrelhouse Chuck, Hubert Sumlin, Tab Benoit, Gary Primich, Mel Ford, Billy Flynn, Glenn Davis, Paul Black & the Flipkings, Reverend Raven, Jon Nicholson, Corky Siegel, Jim Schwall, Ben Sidran, Tino Gonzales, Clyde Stubblefield, The Doobie Brothers, Richie Havens, and The University of Wisconsin 250-piece band (!).

The Blues is the center, yet Andy plays the harmonica with no genre limitation. His drive to push the envelope has led to many sessions in R&B, Jazz, and Country. He also makes sure to take time to share his love and appreciation for his craft, by playing for and teaching school kids, via "K-12 Blues in the Schools".

Listening to Andy's live and recorded work, you get a sense of the many harpists that have inspired him. Blend that with his own unique tone and style, and you know instantly who you're listening to. It's that "player's player", Westside Andy.      by Bob Harris


Friday July 7

Ohio's premier Bruce Springsteen tribute band


Swamps distinguishes itself from other Springsteen tribute bands by re-creating specific shows and albums. A special treat for Cleveland fans of a certain age is the Springsteen legendary show that took place at the Agora and was simulcast on WMMS FM/100.7 on Aug. 9, 1978. Micenmacher was not old enough to attend at the time.

"There's an aspect of performing in a tribute band, the level of showmanship and drama that comes from the audience's familiarity with the material, that you don't get in other bands" said Micenmacher. "I consider myself a superfan when it comes to Springsteen. But the music is as much the audience's as it is mine."

Mike Miller, owner of Wilbert's in Cleveland, has booked Swamps of Jersey a bunch of times. And he says he will again.

"I think this is true of all tribute bands as it is of Swamps. Their heart is really in it," said Miller. "They are as thrilled to perform the show as the audience is to hear them."

Friday July 21

Country like Keith Urban meets Dierks Bentley meets Eric Church from Barberton OH-IO

Mark Leach

When Mark Leach moved to Nashville last summer, it was the start of a new chapter in an already accomplished career. Although just 25, Mark has always had an innate sense of who he is musically. Growing up in Barberton, Ohio, just outside of Akron, he got his first taste of performing in high school, playing with various bands. In 2008, while still in college, Mark took that valuable experience and began fronting his own band. Playing clubs and festivals in the Ohio area, he quickly established himself as an audience favorite across the region.

In the past few years, Mark has released two projects, “With Love From Tennessee” in 2012 and a follow-up EP “Let’s Get Lost” in 2014 (which reached #23 on iTunes), and has toured regularly to support them. In addition to his own shows, Mark has had the opportunity to open for hit artists including Kip Moore, Trace Adkins, Granger Smith, Will Hoge, Chris Janson, and more. With a grassroots approach and a strong team behind him, Mark honed his craft and earned a loyal following of not only fans, but friends as well.

While his home, heart, and so many supportive fans are in Ohio, Mark knew he needed to make that move to Nashville to continue building his career as an artist and songwriter. In the past several months, he has spent much of his time writing with prominent songwriters around town, penning nearly 50 new songs in preparation for his next release. After conducting a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall to fund a new EP, Mark enlisted the help of Grammy-nominated producer Matt McClure, known for his work with Lee Brice, and they are currently in the studio working on what Mark is confident will be his best music yet. The new EP will be available in March 2016, and is certainly only the first piece of this new chapter of Mark’s career.


Saturday July 22

From Ohio Players to Liquid Soul to Lenny Kravitz

Chicago Soul Jazz Urban/R&B FUNK!

Ron Haynes(Grammy-nominated!)

Game Changers


Saturday August 12

Chicago Rock'n Roll


Known as the baddest rock show in Chicago, The Radiomen have left their mark on stages large and small...literally. Lead singer and guitarist Ryan Fitzgerald can be seen throwing his guitar across the stage, as bass aficionado David Buschauer smashes the neck of his bass guitar on a crash cymbal. Drummer Dean Lazzara is the back beat of the band, making sure everything is in check. The courageous frontman will flaunt tasty licks with a soulful touch of magic, but don't let the malicious solo face fool you, it's all for the love of Rock N' Roll. If you're having trouble spotting Buschauer on stage, he is the one with the permanent smile glued to his face. Don't expect to get a decent picture of Lazzara, because he is always in a blur.

The lively psychedelic stage show adds to the allure of the band. Their effervescent attitude towards their followers is one of love and admiration, as the ambitious trio shoots for their dreams. From empty bars to roaring venues, the group has never failed to entertain. Each bit of raw emotion and power is instilled in every note, regardless of the venue. This three piece band infuses soulful Chicago blues with vintage inspired Rock N' Roll to form deep cutting melodies. Cascading walls of sound have ripped open the hearts of their fans to harmonize with the pitch resonating in their souls.

As The Radiomen release their debut album "Fatal Attractions", they hope to inspire a generation to appreciate the raw beauty in live music. Join them as they embark on a mission to save Rock N' Roll, and invite you to dance to the tune of stomping boots, flaming guitars, wailing solos, and a true unhindered passion for music.


Tuesday August 22



In the heart of the prairies of Northern Alberta Canada, amid the noise of farming and oilfield drilling, three young men came together with a dream. The dream was to launch a Rock n Roll revival that would flood the nation like a tidal wave, with a sound inspired by that of their musical heroes of the fifties and sixties, but set on overdrive. While other kids were studying, getting into trouble, or wasting time, Drew, Zach, and Derek were spending their nights locked in a remote garage learning their favorite songs from the Beatles, Beach Boys, and the Ramones.
After building the perfect repertoire they hit the road playing shows wherever anyone would hire them. It was at one of these shows where they caught the attention of Juno award winner Clayton Bellamy, also known as one-third of the Platinum selling group the Road Hammers. Without wasting any time, Clayton offered to produce them and within days they were writing and rehearsing. Producer/mentor Clayton brought in award-winning producer/mixer Scott Baggett (John Waite, Alison Krauss,The Road Hammers) to mix and engineer and the team's momentum grew as they went on to make their first record. Recorded in Edmonton at the Sound Extractor studio and mixed and mastered in Nashville at the Electric Sandbox 1-2-3-FKB is reminiscent of some of the greatest names in Rock n Roll. In a time when the loud and gyrating rhythms began to take the world by storm. Youth was what propelled the music then, and youth will propel the music once again, So holla with me!!! 1-2-3 FKB


FYI-All shows are all ages and the kitchen is open until I go home!

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